09:00     Keynote
Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Yahoo!
10:00     Explorative Search in Diachronic Text Corpora
Gerhard Heyer, University of Leipzig, Germany
11:00     Coffee Break
11:15     Results of the SPP Project Topology-based Visual Analysis of Information Spaces
Patrick Oesterling, University of Leipzig, Germany
11:45     Results of the SPP Project Scalable Visual Patent Analysis
Steffen Koch, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Lukas Michelbacher, University of Stuttgart, Germany
12:15     Lunch Break
13:15     Invited Talk
Chris Biemann, Powerset. a Microsoft Company
14:15     Natural Language Processing
Hinrich Schütze, University of Stuttgart, Germany
15:15     Coffee Break
15:30     Presentations from participants
Franz Wanner, Universität Konstanz
16:00     Presentations from participants II
Iryna Gurevych, TU Darmstadt
16:30     Discussion on Perspectives
18:00     End of Workshop